Evil Geniuses  
Welcomes K-Brad!

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Kenneth "K-Brad" Bradley cannon drills his way into the Evil Geniuses family.


Catching Up 
With Suppy

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Conan “Supply” Lui talks about life, the love of the SHOUTcraft Clan Wars and the pursuit of the Acer TeamStory Cup qualifier.


A Pretty Prolific Dude:  
The Monster Invitational

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In the third part of our interview series with EG's new Dota 2 captain Peter "PPD" Dager, we hear about the new team's first LAN.


Free to Fear

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With a LAN victory in Texas, the Free to Play premiere in San Francisco, and a very active competitive match schedule, the last two weeks have been busy for the carry of the EG's Dota 2 team, Clinton "Fear" Loomis. We caught up with Fear about the success of the new Dota 2 roster, Free to Play, and his achy old bones.


Hello EG League fans! 
- Roster Update

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I wanted to give you all an update and some news about our players and this week's upcoming NA LCS matches. wanted to give you all an update and some news about our players and this week's upcoming NA LCS matches. Those of you who follow our players' twitters or their streams have surely seen that Snoopeh, Yellowpete, and Krepo giving you updates from their home countries, streaming from their houses, and even running the analysis desk at IEM Katowice...

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    EG returns to Kiev this weekend to contend against the best of the Dota 2 world for the StarLadder Season IX title.

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  • Will Carry For Fun: Mason "Mason" Venne on His Career in Dota 2

    For the last several weeks, Mason "Mason" Venne has been standing in for Evil Geniuses while Clinton "Fear" Loomis rests his weary arms. Though a relative unknown prior to his stint on Evil Geniuses, Mason has quickly proved himself to be a top tier carry player. But what Will "SunfisH" Partin really wants to know is...

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    With Ultra Street Fighter 4 only several weeks from release, we talk to Justin Wong and Eduardo "PR Balrog" Perez-Frangie about their dream Edition Select matchups...

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