Evil Geniuses extends 
partnership with CyberPowerPC

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Evil Geniuses (EG), a world leading pro gaming team, is excited to announce the renewal of its partnership with CYBERPOWERPC, one of the world's leading custom gaming and high-performance PC manufacturers.


EG Brings The Fight to Austin: 
SXSW Fighters Invitational

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This weekend, techies from around the globe will descend on Austin, TX, to check out what some of the best and brightest minds in the business have been cooking up. As in the past, the SXSW convention will play host to a special gaming expo open to the public...but this marks the first time Street Fighter will be taking center stage.


Watch Rise of the E-Sports Hero 
Exclusively on Vimeo

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Today we are thrilled to be celebrating the launch of Rise of the E-Sports Hero exclusively on Vimeo and in cooperation with Landrock Entertainment.


EG Wins Dota 2 Asia
Championships 2015

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The Oriental will never replace The International. But if there were ever anything else worth winning in Dota 2 besides TI, it would be DAC. Twenty of the best DotA teams in the world, including EG, traveled to Shanghai last week; twelve made it to the main event.

Now, only EG and ViCi remain. But the glory of The Radiance will belong to one alone.

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