EG transfers CoD player contracts to OpTic

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EG has agreed to transfer three of our player contracts to OpTic, and we'll concurrently be releasing our other two players from their contracts.


Evil Geniuses welcomes 
Heroes of the Storm team

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In May of 2013, we released Greg "IdrA" Fields from our StarCraft 2 roster - a decision that, while not controversial, still came as a surprise to many of our fans.

slide Partners with Evil Geniuses for Dota 2

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA - October 24th, 2014. - Evil Geniuses, a world-leading e-sports team and GoodGame Agency brand, is excited to announce a partnership with


Which Card is Right 
for You? AVerMedia lets you choose!

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AVerMedia wants to share with you what each player on Evil Geniuses looks for when choosing their perfect streaming device.

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  • Phase 2 at the DreamLeague

    EG touched down in Sweden earlier this week, but if they want to stay for DreamHack Winter they will need to survive Phase 2 of the DreamLeague.

    read more Posted 20th of Nov 2014 Chris Paredes
  • Secret EG Sale Codes for AVerMedia!

    Until the end of November, AVerMedia will be offering a discount on a different product each week on the same products the pros at Evil Geniuses use to stream and capture their gameplay.

    read more Posted 17th of Nov 2014 Evil Geniuses
  • The Push for Vegas: Week 3 at the HyperX D2L S5

    EG will look to secure a direct flight to Vegas this week at the close of the D2L Season 5's round-robin.

    read more Posted 16th of Nov 2014 Chris Paredes
  • Overwatch: Blizzard's Next eSport?

    One of the most exciting announcements at last week's BlizzCon is the introduction of Overwatch, a brand new team-based shooter looking to add a unique twist on the familiar genre...

    read more Posted 13th of Nov 2014 Michael Migliacio
  • Week 2 at the HyperX D2L S5

    EG will look to secure their playoff spot this week as we approach the midpoint for Season 5's group stages.

    read more Posted 11th of Nov 2014 Chris Paredes
  • Category 5 - EG HotS at Blizzcon

    The Professional Heroes of the Storm scene is about to take off. It starts in Anaheim. It starts tonight.

    read more Posted 7th of Nov 2014 Michael Dorrill
  • A Return to D2L for EG

    With D2L Season 5 kicking off its Western Division this week, EG’s first week involves a few tough opponents. VirtusPro.Polar, Team Secret, and Cloud9 stand as the first test the team must pass going into the new season.

    read more Posted 3rd of Nov 2014 Zachary Diaz
  • Jaedong Swarms Into the WCS Grand Finals!

    Here we are at the end of the WCS Season for 2014 with Jaedong making an appearance in 16th place where he will face Bomber.

    read more Posted 1st of Nov 2014 Jimmy Blocksom
  • Match Point 2014 - Jaedong and the WCS Finals

    One year ago, Jaedong made his way to the WCS World Grand Finals. All that stood between him and the title of World Champion was a best of 7 with sOs.

    read more Posted 31st of Oct 2014 Michael Dorrill

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